If you, like me, have been dancing salsa or bachata for quite a while, you’ve probably noticed – whether it’s a class or a party, there are some songs which are being played over and over and over again.

I have been salsa instructor for more than ten years and even without talking Spanish there are some salsa songs I can sing from start to finish. I know every single break and change in melody.

I have also noticed that most of these more popular songs are from 90s, 80s and even 70s. So one day a question popped into my mind – for how long are we going to dance to the same old songs?

I love salsa and bachata, but I want to be able to enjoy dancing to songs I really like as well, so I taught myself some simple, specific percussion patterns, started going through my playlists and mixed a couple of my favorite songs.

Most of the mixes you’ll find on this website are made with just some simple clave or congo rhythms, but if you are anything like me, you will soon find that even these simple added latin beats can make your favorite songs into unforgettable salsa/bachata night experience.